Eastern College

Warner Memorial Library

Project Coordinator
Mark Puterbaugh

World Name: VBI

Project Description

VBI- The Virtual Bibliographic Instruction Project Objectives 1. To provide instruction and information to new students and faculty in the use of the research resources available at Eastern College with in a virtual world environment. 2. To provide instruction and information to distance learners in the use of web-based research databases and other resources available through Eastern College. Phase I (Virtual Tour) Phase I creates a virtual tour of the library using an interaction between AW world and the web browser. The virtual world will present a walk-through map of the library highlighting areas important for new students and faculty to know entering the Eastern College research environment. Of course AW virtual can't mimic the Warner Library in exact detail. The idea is to create a 3D representation of the library facilities with web links to actual interior images of the library and web-based documentation regarding the use of the facilities. Phase II (Virtual Bibliographic Instruction) Phase II of the project will designate certain locations in the virtual world to interactively present bibliographic instruction to the student in the selected subject areas. The first areas to be produced are graduate level instruction for business, health and psychology. First, the instruction areas will include links to the virtual tour that will show the location of paperbound and electronic tools within the library. Secondly, the VBI will include web-based information describing the reference books and online databases. Detailed examples will be provided making use of the library's most important tools. Phase III (Interactive Instruction) Phase III involves library staff and volunteers in the process of educating students in the process of doing research. A manned reference desk with real-time chat, instructional virtual seminars and live virtual guides will make the Virtual Bibliographic Instruction project complete. Dates and times will be set for real-time instruction sessions that will take new students, faculty and distance learners through the research process. AW's chat capabilities will allow interaction between the actual library staff and actual students. The process will allow for students to be shown step-by-step searches of online databases and other web based resources.


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